Foaming Agents

Foaming agents are used to reduce the density of a fluid during its delivery and treatment process. We have developed Hydrocarbon Foamers that are used to unload fluids from gas well production casings, and to foam certain hydrocarbon fluids including diesel, condensate, crude oil, and specialty drilling fluids like PetroCanada’s PureDrill* HT-40. We have developed Methanol Foamers that foam fluid blends containing up to a 95% methanol concentration for applications in the oil and gas well fracturing service sector. Additionally, we have developed a Water Foamer for unloading wells, and for the well fracturing service sector.


» Paratene™ HFA – Hydrocarbon foaming agent for diesel, condensate, drilling fluids, and crude oil
  » Paratene™ MF80 – Methanol foaming agent
» Paratene™ WF – Water foaming agent   » Paratene™ NTWF – Non Toxic Water Foamer
» Paratene™ Foam Stabilizer – Foam Stabilizing Agent