Degreasers are used to remove organic deposits from the contact surface of equipment and process systems, leaving the surfaces in a water-wet condition. We have developed a full line of degreasers that include emulsifiable, water soluble, solvent soluble, acid soluble, brine tolerant, and environmentally friendly formulated products. Our degreasers are designed for either liquid phase or vapour phase applications to remove the organic deposits, and to reduce or eliminate BTX, LEL, and H2S emissions to allow safe entry into confined work spaces. Currently Paratene™ degreasers are used to clean bitumen deposits from large tar sand trucks, as the cleaning fluid in ultrasonic baths, to clean residual deposits and film from crude storage tanks, vessels, and towers at refineries, gas plants, and petrochemical plants, and to remove various deposits including black powder from pipelines.


» Paratene™ D728 – Water soluble water wetting degreaser for liquid phase applications
  » Paratene™ D731 – Emulsifiable, solvent soluble, acid soluble penetrating degreaser
» Paratene™ D729 – Brine tolerant degreaser   » Paratene™ D740  Water soluble decontamination degreaser for vapour phase applications
» Paratene™ D742 – Vapour Phase MicroEmulsion Degreaser   » Paratene™ D770 Sulphur and Thioether Cleaning Solvent