Paratene™ S627

Paratene™ S627
Asphaltene Dispersant

Technical Data Sheet


Paratene™ S627 is a unique blend of surfactants and solvents designed to aid in the dispersion of asphaltenes and asphaltic materials into crude oil or aliphatic solvents. Paratene™ S627 acts to improve the stability of these mixtures and to reduce their pour points.

Paratene™ S627 may be used in the treatment of heavy oil residues, visbreaker bottoms, and heavy oil to improve the mixing speed and final viscosity when blending these materials with light naphthas or other cutter stocks.

Features and Advantages
- Permits the recovery of crude oil from tank bottom sludge
- Contains no products detrimental to refinery operations.
- Aids in the removal of asphaltic deposits.
- Lowers the viscosity of heavy oil and other asphaltene containing materials.
- Improves the pour point of heavy oils.

Typical Physical Properties
- Appearance Dark Amber Liquid
- Specific Gravity 0.97 at 15.5 °C
- Flash Point > 63°C
- pH Not applicable
- Freeze Point < -35°C
- Ionic Character Anionic

Methods of Application
Paratene™ S627 is applied at concentrations of 75 –1,000 ppm. It can be added directly to the sludge, but it is typically used in combination with a diluent such as a light naphtha, crude oil, or aliphatic solvent. The resulting mixture is circulated for several hours until all of the sludge has been dispersed. The circulation is then stopped and the solids and water are allowed to settle. The clean crude can then be pumped out of the vessel.

Paratene™ S627 is used to reduce the viscosity of heavy oil, and for clean-outs of oil and gas wells. Standard application methods include batch, squeeze, and continuous injection using concentrations of Paratene™ S627 of 75 – 20,000 ppm in aliphatic solvents, light naphthas, or cutter stocks depending on the customer’s requirement.

Paratene™ S627 can be combined with other Paratene™ products depending on composition of the deposit to achieve maximum effectiveness. Consult with the Woodrising laboratory to determine the best application for your problem.

Safety and Handling
Paratene™ S627 is a combustible liquid. Avoid contact with heat and open flames. Always handle with gloves and eye protection. Paratene™ S627 contains strong solvents, which may have an adverse effect on some polymeric materials, particularly polyvinyl chlorides. Refer to the material safety data sheet for more detailed information

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