Paratene™ NTWF

Paratene™ NTWF
“Non Toxic Water Foaming Agent”

Paratene™ NTWF is a blend of non-toxic, nonionic surfactants designed to produce foam in water and brine. Paratene™ NTWF composition will provide a foamed water solution which meets or exceeds the toxicity requirements given by the Energy and Utility Board of Alberta.

Features and Advantages
- Non-Toxic
- Nonionic
- Non-flammable
- Good foam
- Very Low Surface Tension

Typical Physical Properties
Appearance Clear Liquid
Specific Gravity 1.01 at 15.5°C
Flash Point None
pH 7.5-8
Freeze Point 0°C
Ionic Character Nonionic

Methods of Application
Paratene™ NTWF can be added to drilling fluids or fracturing fluids at concentrations up to 1%. The table below gives the foam characteristics generated by Paratene™ NTWF.

Test Data

% NTWF Foam Quality (%) Half-Life (s)
0.1 73 25
0.2 75 25
0.4 79 72
0.6 83 120
1.0 85 160
Tested in 1% Cacl2    
0.6 81 90
1.0 84 140

Safety and Handling
Paratene™ NTWF is nontoxic and non hazardous. Refer to the material safety datasheet for additional information.

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