Apr 2012 - Paratene® Products News

Clean Harbors is pleased to announce some new and improved products for the spring of 2012.

Paratene® D731 has been improved! All of the Nonylphenol based surfactants have been removed from the formula of D731 and replaced with newer less toxic biodegradable surfactants. As a result Paratene® D731 gives better results while still giving the performance as a solvent degreaser that makes it the industries' first choice in solvent degreaser.

Paratene® D707 is now available. D707 is a phosphate free, concentrated, water based degreaser for use in industrial, chemical and ultrasonic cleaning. Paratene® D707 is an economical and safe alternative to solvent based degreasers.

Also available now is Paratene® D720 a simple effective, environmentally friendly, inexpensive, surface degreaser and soap. Paratene® D720 is being used in truck was and equipment cleaning applications.

Last but not least is the new Hydrochloric Acid Corrosion inhibitor product Paratene® I209. I209 contains no propargyl alcohol making it safer for workers and the environment. I209 has been extensively tested in the laboratory and gives protection to equipment comparable to the older much more toxic product.

Finally, Tim Sturko is no longer with Clean harbors. Please direct Commerial inquiries to Tom McCartney at

Watch for more new products Coming Soon!! Apr 2011 - Paratene® Technology Sale

Woodrising Resources Ltd is pleased to announce that it has sold its chemical product line marketed under the "Paratene®" trade-name to Clean Harbors Energy and Industrial Services Corp ( effective April 15 2011.

The transaction with Clean Harbors involves the sale of the intellectual assets owned by Woodrising, and not the actual company. Mr Tom McCartney will join Clean Harbors in the position of Technical Services Manager. Tom's new email address is

Clean Harbors representative Tim Sturko can be reached at 780-451-6969 and will be the primary contact person for enquiries concerning Paratene® products. Tim can also be reached by email at

Woodrising will continue as an active business entity under the existing ownership, and will focus its future activities on the chemical technologies that it retained ownership of, and with other business opportunities it has under development. Jan 2007 - New Foaming Agent Products

Woodrising is pleased to announce the availability of our new non toxic water foamer Paratene™ NTWF. This product was developed in response to enquiries from a number of companies involved in the gas well drilling, production, and stimulation industry that were searching for a foaming agent that passes the Microtox™ toxicity test for applications at coal bed methane well locations. Woodrising has received test results from an independent environmental testing laboratory confirming that Paratene™ NTWF passes the Microtox™ toxicity test.

Additionally, Woodrising has also developed a foam stabilizer product that increases the stability and half life of currently used anionic, cationic, and non-ionic in the gas drilling, production and stimulation industry. Paratene™ Foam Stabilizer also passes the Microtox™ toxicity test. We are currently providing product samples for application testing and invite letters of interest from companies that are interested in providing Woodrising with territorial distribution services.

Dec 2006 - Sale of H2S Scavenging and Scrubbing Chemicals

Woodrising Resource Ltd is pleased to announce the sale of its H2S scavenging and scrubbing chemical line to Am-Gas Scrubbing Systems (1989) Ltd effective October 17 2006. For the past five years, Woodrising and Am-Gas have enjoyed a successful supplier/distributor relationship of our H2S scavenger and scrubbing chemical line. The transfer of ownership of our H2S scavengers and scrubbing chemicals to Am-Gas represents a natural business evolution in the development of their business of providing proprietary equipment, vessels, and chemicals to control nuance gas emissions containing H2S, mercaptans, and other undesirable emissions. Woodrising will continue to provide technical support to Am-Gas for this product line on an on-going basis. Please visit for additional information concerning Am-Gas Scrubbing Systems (1989) Ltd."

Aug 2006 - New Product

Woodrising is pleased to announce the availability of a new deodorizing product - Paratene™ M319. Paratene™ M319 removes many common toxic odorants from gas emissions such as benzene, toluene and xylene as well as hydrogen sulphide and leaves a slight orange fragrance to the discharged gases. Highlights include the following:

-Removes many hazardous products such as benzene, toluene, xylene
-Reduces LEL levels
-Leaves a pleasant citrus odour to gas emissions
-Water soluble
-Non-flammable and is a non-regulated TDG product
-Low toxicity
-Scrubs light loadings of H2S

July 2006 - International Distributor Opportunities

Woodrising is expanding internationally and is inviting statements of interest from qualified companies that have the necessary infrastructure and resources to enter into a business agreement for the distribution of Paratene™ chemical products in the following geographical territories:

Middle East
Western Europe
Eastern Europe and Former U.S.S.R.
Asia and Oceania
United States of America

Please email expressions of interest along with your company’s qualifications to