Paratene™ D742

Paratene™ D742
“Vapour Phase Micro-Emulsion Degreaser”

Technical Data Sheet


Paratene™ D742 is a blend of low toxicity surfactants and solvents in water intended to aid in the removal of hydrocarbon contaminants from process equipment. Paratene™ D742 water wets metal surfaces and loosely emulsifies hydrocarbons improving their removal by hot water or steam from process equipment and tanks. The solvents in Paratene™ D742 aid in the efficient removal of heavy hydrocarbons that cannot be removed by the action of steam or surfactants alone. Paratene™ D742 contains no inorganic components and is completely soluble in water.

Features and Advantages
 High temperature performance
- Low toxicity
- Non flammable
- Water soluble
- Low toxicity.
- Pleasant citrus odour

Typical Physical Properties
Appearance Yellow to Water
- Clear Liquid
- Specific Gravity 1.04
- Flash Point >95 °C
- pH 7.5-8.5
- Freeze Point -0°C
- Nonionic

Methods of Application
Paratene™ D742 can be added to hot water or steam at concentrations between 0.5 and 3%. The amount used will depend on the composition and amount of hydrocarbon deposit to be removed from the specific system. When added to steam Paratene™ D742 should be first diluted in water and added to the flowing steam as a mist. Please note that adding the product to the boiler feed water is ineffective.

Paratene™ D742 is compatible with alkaline additives such as trisodium phosphate and sodium hydroxide. These should be added in strongly sour systems to improve the removal of hydrogen sulfide.

Safety and Handling
Paratene™ D742 is non-flammable. It will cause irritation to the eyes and skin.Refer to the material safety data sheet for more detailed information.

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