Paratene™ D731

Paratene™ D731


Technical Data Sheet


Paratene™ D731 is a specialized blend of solvents and surfactants designed to aid in the removal of hydrocarbon fouling from process equipment and vessels. Paratene™ D731 acts to both dissolve and emulsify hydrocarbon deposits, and can be used to eliminate the presence of light hydrocarbons which are the source of high LELs.

Methods of Application
Paratene™ D731 can be mixed with water, acids, or alkaline solutions at concentrations ranging from 2 to10 percent to form a cleaning solution. Depending on the application, the cleaning solution is heated to 50-90 °C and circulated for several hours until all of the hydrocarbons have been removed, and dissolved into the cleaning solution. Circulation is then stopped, and the cleaning solution stands idle to allow the hydrocarbons to separate out of the solution. The hydrocarbons can be recovered and the remaining solution can be sent to the facility’s water treatment unit or to a disposal facility.

Where required, Paratene™ D731 can be combined with other Paratene™ products to satisfy site specific degreasing challenges. Consult with the Woodrising laboratory to determine the best application for your problem.

Features and Advantages
- Superior water wetting and degreasing chemical.
- Hydrocarbons easily separate out for recovery and disposal.
- Aggressive product promoting efficient removal of hydrocarbons from fouled surfaces.
- Contains no products detrimental to refinery operations.
- Compatible with a broad range of PH media including water, acids and alkaline solutions.

Typical Physical Properties
- Appearance Yellow to Water
- White Liquid
- Specific Gravity 0.94 at 15.5 °C
- Flash Point 63°C
- pH 7.5-8.0% @ 2%
- concentration
- Freeze Point < -35°C
- Ionic Character Non-ionic