Acid Cleaning Products

Acid cleaning products involve the use of acids, corrosion inhibitors, and oxidizers to remove scales and deposits that form in industrial systems. We have received patent pending status for industrial cleaning applications using an organic acid system Paratene™ M390. Paratene™ M390 provides rapid and efficient removal of deposits while remaining both safer to handle and easier to dispose of than many other acids especially formic and sulfamic. Paratene™ M390 is compatible with a variety of metallurgies, and dissolves various scales and deposits including ferric oxide, iron sulphide, iron carbonate, calcium carbonate, calcium sulphate, vanadium carbonate, vanadium oxide, and calcium magnesium carbonate.

Acid Corrosion Inhibitors are used with acids to protect the host metals from corrosion while allowing the acid to dissolve the scale deposit. Our Paratene™ ACI represents a major development in the versatility and approach to acid corrosion inhibitors, for in addition to inhibiting Nitric acid; Paratene™ ACI will inhibit all acidic solutions under a wide range of applications and metallurgies.

Oxidizers are typically used to convert or dissolve iron sulphide. Our Paratene™ SHP incorporates a stabilizer system into hydrogen peroxide which prevents the hydrogen peroxide from decomposing in the presence of metal ions. This stabilizer allows more hydrogen peroxide to react with the iron sulphides and iron polysulphides, and immobilizes the iron as an acid soluble salt without generating excess gas or heat. Paratene™ SHP is used to dissolve or oxidize iron sulfide, iron polysulfide, targeted organic deposits, pyrobitumen, and pyrophoric iron species. Paratene™ SHP has been used to clean out water disposal wells, remove organics from waste water streams, to clean towers and exchangers found in gas plants, methanol plants, and refineries.


» Paratene™ ACI – Nitric acid corrosion inhibitor   » Paratene™ M390 – Organic acid cleaner replaces formic and sulfamic acid
» Paratene™ SHP – Stabilized hydrogen peroxide to dissolve iron sulphides and iron polysulphides   » Paratene™ M361 – Clean light oil, grease, oxides and carbonates from metal surfaces.